Rebuilt Cambio Debarking Machine

 Reduce your costs!

Sawmill products supplies machines and replacement parts and replacement components for CAMBIO debarking machines and the sawmill industry. Our business concept is to offer practical, quality solutions at a low price.

Parts suitable for CAMBIO debarking machines!

We retail replacement parts suitable for CAMBIO debarking machines, as well as other brands. We also develop customized replacement parts according to your specification. Debarking machines is our main focus, but we also offer replacement parts for other machine types.

Excellent quality doesn't have to be expensive!

Our focus is to minimize the costs without reducing quality or service. The combination of years of experience and work dedication leads to a low price. With Sawmill Products, you don't pay for built-in associated costs, such as expensive administration or brand marketing. Rather, you only pay for what the product should cost.   

What type of tip suits your CAMBIO debarking machine?

Learn more about what type of

debarking tip that suits your

specific need.

  • Crown gear and pinion
  • 500 Rotor parts
  • Tool shaft nuts