Reduce your maintenance costs

Sawmill Products offers quality replacement parts for CAMBIO debarking machines and other machine suppliers. We offer parts such as rubber-faced bumpers, ring gears and pinions to name a few. We also sell original Firestone air bag systems available for most machine types and sizes.

Cut out the middleman - reduce your cost!

We are able hold our prices down by reducing the number of middlemen, buying large quantities directly from specialized manufacturers and, foremost, by not burdening the price with development costs. 

Retailer of Firestone air bags

Sawmill Products is a retailer of Firestone air bags and can deliver most dimenstions, irrespective of machine manufacture.

Air bags will soon be found in most machines, instead of air or hydralic cylinders as vibration islators.

Retailer of tips and arms from Iggesund tools

We sell parts suitable for CAMBIO deparking machines, original arms and tips from Iggesund tools / Andritz. We offer well known brands such as Pyramo, Trimax and Campro. 

Debarker arms
Debarker tips