Mr. Brundell & Mr. Jonsson with the first Cambio prototype
Old debarker arms Old debarker arms Old debarker arms

Our history with the Cambio debarker

In the early 50th century, Gunnar Brundell together with Karl-Erik Jonsson developed the first Cambio debarking machine. To produce the prototype rotor ring Mr. Brundell contacted John Wallers Machine shop, my grandfather.

The Cambio machine revolutionized debarking around the world and thousands of copies has been sold worldwide. The cooperation between my grandfather and the manufacturer of the Cambio machines continued, during my childhood large quantities of spare parts and rotors were made in grandfather’s machine shop.

I was later trained as a mechanical engineer and began working as a service technician for Cambio debarking machines. After a number of years I started at sale of equipment, still ongoing today, during which I’ve time lived in Germany eight years where I traveled to sawmills and pulp mills all over central Europe.